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Property Turkey

Over the last 10 years, the Turkish real estate market has greatly expanded its portfolio of commercial properties, apartments and houses. There are unlimited options for those looking for a second-hand, project-phase or new construction home.

You can review our page to see the types of real estate for sale in Turkey, from coastal towns to houses in the city center.

Did you know that buying a property in London is almost eight times more expensive than in Istanbul? However, there is not much difference in terms of investment value.

The further you get from Turkey’s liveliest city, the cheaper the prices get. For example, property prices in Istanbul start from 100,000 Dolars, which offers the potential to make profitable investments in the long term.

With the advantageous exchange rate of the Turkish Lira converted to foreign currencies, now is an ideal time to buy property as you get more value for money.

Customers looking for investment properties with rental guarantees can find profitable opportunities.

The process of purchasing a property in Turkey can be completed in less than a week. However, if you are not familiar with the process of buying real estate in Turkey, we recommend that you work with a professional and reliable company.

Property Istanbul Turkey has a professional team that guides buyers through the entire buying and selling process, from finding the home of their dreams to signing the deed and settling. Since 2011, we have been standing out with our Zero Error principle by providing trouble-free and easy service.

You can visit our Real Estate Purchasing page to get detailed information about the process.
According to the new legal regulation published, Turkish citizenship will be directly granted to foreigners who buy real estate worth at least 400,000 dollars in Turkey. It takes approximately 1 week for citizenship approval to be approved if the conditions are met. For more detailed information and frequently asked questions, you can visit our Property Turkey Turkish citizenship page.

Property Turkey is a professional real estate company with the necessary knowledge and experience in citizenship since 2011. We have delivered many title deeds to thousands of customers from 84 different countries with Zero Error. Our expert team guides you through all the steps, from buying your dream home to obtaining a residence permit.

In addition, we assist our customers who complete the purchasing process with our free pre- and after-sales services.

Take a look at our listings of properties in Turkey right now or contact us to get information from our sales representative about purchasing a Property Turkey.

The most important feature that makes Turkey stand out is its healthcare system. With the principle of “Everyone has social rights”, public or private health services in Turkey are easily accessible to everyone and have affordable prices.

Especially when compared to Europe and North America, private hospitals in Turkey are preferred by foreigners for their prices and high service quality. Health tourism in Turkey has developed thanks to this intense interest. For more information, you can visit our Health System in Turkey page.

Property Turkey

Why are houses in Turkey so cheap compared to Europe?
Due to the exchange rate difference, real estate prices in Turkey are more affordable compared to other countries. However, we should point out here that the affordable price should not make you doubt because the Turkish real estate sector is one of the leading sectors in terms of quality and diversity.

Is living expensive in Turkey?
Compared to European countries and other countries, no. Although it varies by region, the most expensive cities are metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. On the other hand, although Istanbul is the city with the highest cost of living in Turkey, it is much more affordable than London or New York.

Is it safe to invest in real estate in Turkey?
Yes. Buying real estate in Turkey is one of the most reliable investment tools that will provide investors with the best profit. The government organizes incentives in favor of investors and minimizes possible problems.

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